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Update: 25 June 2019

We hope to publish this letter soon. Many thanks to all the signatories and to those who have agreed to be interviewed. 1,080 names will been published with selected comments. Since preparing this list we have a further 65 names which may be included in future.

Update: 26 April 2019

Since Extinction Rebellion’s London actions in April and the consequent increase in media coverage, attitudes to the Climate Emergency are changing. IPPC deadlines are looking inadequate. Pressure is mounting for even more ambitious aims including UK Carbon zero by 2025. Previously this was dismissed as unachievable but now the means and costs are being widely discussed. Immediate and radical responses are the logical next steps as the reality of the threat becomes clear.  Ongoing pressure from health professionals at all levels to meet more exacting targets could help prevent and mitigate potentially dire health consequences.

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